Workplace Driving Policy and Procedures

Have you got a plan for your employees that drive?

Driver training is an effective way to keep your team safe on the roads – however there are some other important factors to consider when creating a safe environment for your team and most of these are either overlooked or outdated.

Here is a checklist of items you should consider when creating your workplace driving policy and procedures.

Personally – we suggest starting with a document that is simple and easy to read – and then ask for feedback or consult with your team and refine it from there.

Creating safe working procedures in this manner encourages interaction, understanding and shared ownership of the risks associated with driving.

  1. Policy Aim/Objectives – outline the importance of safe driving and how the policy should encourage safe driving practices.
  2. Code of Conduct – The behavior of your drivers can be a positive step in showcasing your brand – or bring your brand unwanted attention. Outline the expected behavior of drivers.
  3. Driver Responsibilities – Outline the key responsibilities of the driver. Include licence requirements, compliance with road rules, avoiding distractions or dangerous behavior etc.
  4. Employer Responsibilities – Outline the key responsibilities of the employer. These may include fleet selection, maintenance, training, travel management etc.
  5. Incident Reporting and Analysis – Important that all incidents are reported and analyised so that measures can be taken to eliminate or reduce further incidents.
When preparing your document – consider introducing a pre-start check for vehicles, journey management procedure and also fatigue management.

Cover off passenger rules, loading and fuel use.

The list can go on and on – but you need to start somewhere.

PDA Can assist with the creation of documents, procedures, policy or support when creating these documents for your work place.

I do hope this information has been worthwhile and look forward to seeing you next time you need some driver training.