What is DRIFT mode?

What is DRIFT mode? And why are the media so excited about it!

If you have watched the news this last week you would have seen a lot of excited ‘road safety experts’ going on about the new Ford Focus RS that comes with a “Drift” mode.


The experts are saying this will encourage hooning and increase the chance of crashes on our roads.

What surprises us is that for as long as we can remember – high powered Australian cars have had a button to turn off the traction control and desensitise the stability control systems. In fact nearly every car on the market has this option at the push of a button.

The new Ford clearly indicates the track and drift modes are for track use only – and like any vehicle – relies entirely on the driver to operate it safely on public roads.

As opposed to normal vehicles and systems – the Ford actually adjusts a number of parameters to allow the vehicle to be driven more aggressively and potentially the vehicle could slide or drift around a track or skidpan.

Performance Driving Australia run regular track days for owners of such vehicles to come and enjoy them in a safe, controlled environment away from public roads.

We  believe that the media and experts have some valid points – however education is the key – and drivers of any vehicle should be familiar with the safety systems, how they work, when to use them and what the possible outcomes are if they choose to disengage them.

All of this is covered in our programs and we believe this knowledge not only reduces the ‘hooning’ behaviour but also allows drivers to fully understand and appreciate the technology that keeps them safe on every day roads.

The new Ford Focus RS looks like a great car with a lot of safety features – and a clever computer that allows you to have more driver input when at the track.

A great article that explains more about the Ford Focus RS can be found here – http://www.caradvice.com.au/462557/thank-you-ford-for-focus-rs-drift-mode/

We remind you that Australia has very strict laws and that anyone found drifting or doing a burnout in a vehicle on public roads can and most likely will have their car confiscated by the police. So come to a track day and enjoy your car safely!