The danger of experts

Dont be a fool - get good advice

Have you ever noticed that since the introduction of Facebook – and the internet in general – content experts appear from all corners.

With helpful advice, tips and techniques – often when you have not even asked for them!

When it comes to driving – the topics are limitless – and the experts are so confident that they can convince anyone to check the headlight fluid or power steering battery.

Where the real issue is when the stories are based on ‘internet’ experience and not real life experience.

When it comes to driving – nothing beats real practice in real environments with trainers who have plenty of experience.

At Performance Driving Australia we don’t pretend to know everything – and we are constantly open to new ideas and concepts – but we often engage in pointless conversation with people who have ‘heard about’ or ‘seen on the internet’ various things.

The danger is that these people are often instructing or rather misleading friends, family and others that could lead to serious consequences.

As an organisation – our responsibility is to provide the best information and experience possible so that the safety of all that attend our driving programs come away with real skills.

Our business is built on this – and our credibility and safety record are our strengths.

When selecting your training provider – make sure you ask questions – but also accept that sometimes what you have read or seen on the internet is not representative of real world situations.

Safe Driving.