Road safety top of list for UTAS drivers

A team of researchers from University Tasmania (UTAS) completed a one day driving program with Performance Driving Australia yesterday (September 22, 2014).

The team from the Centre for Rural Health travel all over Tasmania to provide support and host meetings with various health organisations and providers.

Driving in Tasmania provides a range of challenges. Twisty roads around mountains, changing weather conditions (including snow and ice in winter) and the ever present wildlife requires drivers to be alert at all times.

Drivers were presented with a multi-media road safety presentation before each spending some 1:1 time with the trainer. During this session the drivers were able to ask questions and experience some emergency braking – learning how the ABS system works in the process.

“It was great to work with these drivers who were all very enthusiastic to learn about becoming safer on the road. We see to many people lost on our roads and it is always a tragedy. Often we forget just how dangerous driving can be and with a little training it is great to see people respond so positively” said Mark Butcher from Performance Driving Australia.

If your company or organisation would like to find out more about how to become safer on the road – contact Mark and the team from Performance Driving Australia on 03 8680 2439 or visit the website at www.performancedrivingaustralia.com .



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