REVIEW – By Driving Instructor Louis Chalouhi

Review of our Defensive Driving Course – by Louis Chalouhi from Lou’s Driving School in Sydney.


Recently had the privilege of attending a Nationally Recognised Defensive Driving Course, presented by Mark Butcher from Performance Driving Australia at Eastern Creek Motorway on June 2015

As professional accredited Driving Instructor , I believe Mark presented this life saving course in a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment, with a well balance of theory & practical driving exercises conducted on a skid pan with driving speeds as high as 100km/h..

Some of the on the road driving exercises included, (1)Correct seating posture, (2) Steering techniques (3) Emergency braking, (4) Swerving and multiple direction changes. All drivers were given ample opportunity to practice the above mentioned skills on dry/wet skid. Mark’s constructive feedback eagered you to improve on your current performance. Definitely another of Mark’s towering strengths.

I strongly believe this one day value for money course will heighten your current driving performance as well as prepare to correctly be defensive in driving for yourself as well as others. This course should be compulsory, as I see a huge gap in the graduated driver licence scheme,. This course will reduce car accidents, injures and fatalities. A MUST for all drivers.

A practical life saving course well executed.


Louis Chalouhi