On Road Training

Performance Driving Australia provide a variety of programs that can be delivered on road.

For organisations with large fleets – on-road training can provide an initial assessment of your drivers along with some valuable coaching. This training is also suited to drivers with special operational requirements or who have been prosecuted or fined for driving offences.

On road training is typically broken into 3 sessions –

  • Observation – Driver is observed driving in a normal working environment in their vehicle.
  • Coaching – Trainer provides coaching to assist the driver in applying defensive driving techniques. Often this includes performing an emergency stop.
  • Assessment – The driver is assessed against our set standards for corporate drivers and the assessment is provided to the employer or supervisor for review.

Recommended duration 30-90 minutes per driver.

The training focus is on creating safe driving behaviours and applying them to day to day driving.

On road training is suitable for all drivers and any vehicle.

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Our Defensive Driving course is a great way to provide these drivers with further training and knowledge and often organisations combine these two components to provide the best overall training solution.