No excuse for Tassie Drivers

Seven weeks into 2015 and already many lives have been affected by road crashes here in Tasmania. Not just fatalities, many others are seriously injured and often left with permanent reminders of how dangerous the road can be.

Any life lost on our roads is a tragedy and as road users we all have a responsibility to look after each other.

Mark Butcher – the Tasmanian based owner and operator of Performance Driving Australia has been providing a range of driver training programs in Australia and overseas for nearly 20 years yet has found that Tasmanian drivers and organisations have been slow to take up the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge at one of the available programs.

Examiner Fatal CrashWith the ever changing weather conditions, Tasmanian drivers require a high level of skill and awareness to remain safe at all times. Understanding how your vehicle and you respond to emergency situations is essential to remaining safe. Modern cars have solid handling and braking systems but most drivers are unfamiliar with how to safely control the car when dealing with a hazard” said Mr Butcher.

Unlike the common myth – Defensive Driving programs are designed to encourage safe driving by focusing on the many dangers of driving backed up with some practical driving exercises to develop car control safely.

“We do not teach skid control or handbrake turns. Although this may seem fun – it is not the purpose of our driver training and many organisations have avoided these programs without even researching the content that is provided. We do offer a full range of programs suitable to all drivers and all vehicles.” said Mr Butcher.

Over 50% of all fatalities recorded in Australia are single vehicle crashes. By driving safer – we could half our road toll. That is over 600 lives a year that could be saved.

Performance Driving Australia currently has a small team of qualified trainers providing this training nationally to some of the largest organisations in Australia and too many government departments.

Most recently – over 40 drivers from the Circular Head Council and Waratah Wynyard Council attended training and are now working on a program for young drivers in the region to attend. This week also sees another Tasmanian based company attending a defensive driving and 4wd program at Symmons Plains.

“Creating safer, more responsible and skilled drivers will save lives – and this cannot be done without professional training. There is no excuse not to attend a driver training program as we are hosting them in all corners of Tasmania” said Mr Butcher.

For more information you can visit www.performancedrivingaustralia.com or visit the facebook page for updates.