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Four Wheel Drive Training Perth

Ensure your Employees Safety with Four Wheel Drive Training in Perth

Industries such as mining, oil and gas, agriculture and even marine operations require the use of four-wheel drive vehicles to access remote locations. Providing employees with either an accredited or non-accredited four wheel drive training minimises potentially life-altering accidents. Performance Driving Australia offers four wheel drive training to companies in Perth to ensure driver safety.


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Our four wheel drive training courses in Perth instruct attendees on how to operate and maintain a four-wheel drive vehicle. Programs include trip planning and journey management, vehicle characteristics and limitations, and how to operate various 4WD drive systems in a variety of terrain beginning with low-range and increasing to challenging conditions. We also teach safe vehicle recovery techniques to get them out of a jam in addition to how to operate with a trailer if necessary.

Operating a four wheel drive vehicle safely on gravel roads or rugged terrain requires specialised instruction. Supplying your employees with the tools to operate an all-terrain vehicle safely safeguards their lives and your vehicles. Our instructors have experience operating 4 x 4 vehicles in desert sand, rocky terrain and snow. With our four wheel drive training in Perth, your employees will be able to traverse across Australia safely.

Contact us for more information on our four wheel drive training programs in Perth. Our programs are customisable to your industry and vehicles and work for small or large groups. Ensure your employee’s safety by supplying them with the tools to roam the Australian outback.