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4×4 Driver Training Melbourne

Meet Your Company’s Four Wheel Drive (4WD) or 4×4 Driver Training Requirements in Melbourne

Is your business required to ensure that each driver has gone through professional four wheel drive training in Melbourne? If so, Performance Driving Australia can help.


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We are a different kind of driving school. Rather than targeting teenagers reaching driving age and other first time drivers, we work mostly with corporate clients to help them deliver more specialised driver’s training to their employees. 4WD training is one type of training that we provide to many clients.

Who Needs 4WD Training in Melbourne?

At Performance Driving Australia, we provide 4WD training in Melbourne to a range of businesses and industries. Corporate clients involved in sectors such as agriculture, oil and gas, mining and marine operations often have legal or companywide obligations for 4WD training. For employees at these companies to drive vehicles in potentially dangerous environments—including off road, on rugged terrain, in bogs or marshlands, or on gravel—they need to be specifically trained in how to handle 4×4 vehicles. This training not only helps to ensure the safety of the employees of themselves, but it also helps guarantee that vehicles and equipment aren’t damaged or destroyed due to inexperience or operator error.

If you’re seeking 4×4 training in Melbourne for your employees, look no further than Performance Driving Australia. Our classes are available in both accredited and non-accredited formats. (Accredited courses are recognised throughout Australia.) In most cases, 4WD driving education courses play out as full-day curriculums, including classroom sessions and practical driver training. For larger groups, we may extend your course into a second day.

With any 4WD driver training course, we work to make the ‘practical’ segment of the training as genuinely practical as possible. It’s one thing to learn to drive one of these vehicles in a parking lot somewhere. It’s another thing entirely to be faced with the challenges you are going to encounter in rougher environments and to learn how to overcome them. At Performance Driving Australia, we always seek to hold our 4×4 driving courses in real-world environments, so that your drivers can get the most useful driving experience possible before getting behind the wheel on a worksite somewhere.

From teaching drivers how to handle uneven terrain or gravel to providing tips on vehicle inspection, 4WD limitations and trip planning, we incorporate every facet of professional 4×4 use into our courses. We will even teach your employees how to recover vehicles that have become stuck in bogs or other challenging environments. Our driver training sessions may only last a day or two, but you can trust that your employees will have the tools they need when all is said and done.

Book 4WD Training for Your Team

Do you need to arrange 4×4 driver training in Melbourne for a new team of employees? If so, give us a call at Performance Driving Australia. We will work with you to structure a training program that works with your schedule and teaches the skills you need your employees to learn. Contact us today to get started.