How far do you really go?

Do you drive a company car as part of your job?

Are you part of a company that has multiple employees on the road?

At Performance Driving Australia, we often work with organisations with small fleets of 50-100 vehicles. Some of our larger clients have over 400 company car’s taking to the road every day.

Our conversations with employees often indicate drivers traveling 1000km/s per week.

For a fleet of 400 vehicles that equates to just over 20 Million km’s traveled per year.

Last year (2013) – 1193 people lost their lives while on the road while many others were seriously injured. Many of these occurred

during work or on the way to or from work.

Driver training is a great way to help increase awareness, knowledge and skills. There are however a few things that companies can do that cost nothing but time to implement and will have a positive effect on the overall safety of all drivers.

This is suited to all companies no matter what size.

Prepare a driving policy/procedure document to be provided to all drivers. It should include –

  • Vehicle condition and maintenance checks (including frequency of checks)
  • Vehicle equipment list (first aid kit/fire extinguisher etc).
  • Trip planning and journey management (reporting)
  • Fatigue management and planning
  • Alcohol and Drug Use – Zero tolerance
  • Driving policy for rural/remote areas

By creating a simple document outlining these items you will help your drivers stay safe on the road.

Without a policy/procedure you are exposed and liable for any situations that may arise as a result of a motor vehicle incident.

Further to this document regular ‘toolbox’ style meetings should be held to discuss drivers concerns or issues. We suggest that this should be done once a month.

Driving at work brings additional pressure and often distractions that increase the chances of being involved in an incident.

You can take steps today to help your drivers.

Attending a defensive driver training program with Performance Driving Australia can further assist your team in staying safe on the road.

For more information please contact Mark Butcher from Performance Driving Australia on 03 8680 2439 or [email protected]

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