Elide Fire Ball – Save your car and yourself!


This month we are slightly off track – and talking about Fire. In fact if you ever end up off track – there is a chance that this may happen – or in some cases – even on track we have seen fires occur.

Performance Driving Australia is now a distributor for the Elide Fire Balls. If you haven’t seen them – we have them at every track day on display and also fitted to all of our cars.

Having suffered over 4 massive engine bay fires – We welcome this product to our fleet.

Basically think of it as a fire work – there is a fuse – and once fire lights it – it goes off. The fuse takes 3-5 seconds to burn and then – BOOM – your engine bay is covered in fire extinguish-ant.

In addition to the powder – the air actually helps blow out flames and the explosion is audible enough that you will hear it (if you don’t see the powder).

Best part – it is perfectly safe. Having set one off in my workshop (by accident oops) – I can vouch for this. It was about 30cm from my face and apart from a bit of a shock and mess – there was no damage. The ball is made out of foam and is harmless to equipment and people!

Hand held extinguishers are fairly useless – as you have to open the bonnet a bit to get to a fire – and fire bombs that are plumbed in – have to be activated by someone in the car – and usually if you see fire – you are too busy getting out!

These fire balls are available now from us for just $149 and include a bracket that makes them easy to fit to any engine bay.

Cheap insurance for your pride and joy – you would actually have to be crazy not to fit one – or in our case – two in our Lambo!

Fire is a nasty thing – and this device may say your pride and joy – or even your life if you are unconsious when the fire starts.

Contact us for more info or if you would like to buy one. Also suitable for homes, garages, caravans, boats… the list goes on!

Happy driving!

Team PDA
[email protected]