Driver Training in Newcastle, NSW

A Newcastle company have enrolled a group of drivers into a 2 day defensive driving and road safety program to be held in Newcastle this week.

The program has been designed and will be run by the team from Performance Driving Australia.

The program includes a theory presentation covering a full range or driving and road safety topics including risk identification and management, driving tips and vehicle systems and controls.

Group discussion is encouraged on a range of topics during this presentation.

On the following day drivers will be able to learn about vehicle control in a safe environment. Emergency braking and hazard avoidance skills are essential to staying safe on the road.

Companies who take road safety seriously make a real difference to the safety of all road users and Performance Driving Australia are excited to be working with them to assist in creating safer drivers.

For information on driver training programs suitable for your organisation contact Mark at Performance Driving Australia on 02 8035 3416 or [email protected]

More information can also be found at www.performancedrivingaustralia.com.Defensive driving newcastle