Don’t go flat on me now..

Can you change a tyre?


Removing a flat tyre

We have all seen it before – its bucketing with rain, and some poor person is getting drenched while trying to work out how to change a tyre. Don’t let this be you!

With modern tyre technology and regular maintenance – flat tyre’s are becoming less of a regular occurrence. But you can almost guarantee that if you get one – it’s at the worst possible time – and not knowing how to safely change it could cost you time, money and or even leave you feeling deflated!

Performance Driving Australia can include Tyre Changing with any of our defensive driving and four wheel drive training courses – or we can even just come out and show you some basic maintenance at your office and include tyre changing with checking the oil and other important tasks that will help keep you and your family safe.


Checking the tools before changing a tyre

A few safety tips for when you next have to change a tyre –

  1. Always start on flat surface – away from traffic and other road users
  2. Chock the wheel opposite the flat tyre to prevent the vehicle rolling away
  3. Hand brake on and in gear. Ignition off
  4. Get all the tools out and jack out and read the instructions for correct operation
  5. Loosen the wheel nuts before jacking the vehicle up
  6. Check the vehicle is stable once jacked up and keep the spare tyre under the vehicle in case it slips
  7. NEVER put any part of your body under the vehicle when it is on the jack
  8. Remove and replace the flat tyre
  9. Do the wheel nuts up in a star pattern (working diagonally across the wheel) to prevent the wheel from being bolted up on an angle
  10. Lower the car and check the wheel nuts again
  11. Make sure you get the flat tyre repaired/replaced!

Lowering the spare tyre

To prevent getting a flat tyre make sure you check the air in your tyre’s at least once a month. Small/Medium cars should run around 34psi and larger cars 36psi. 4WD’s can run various pressures but for highway driving 36-40psi is a good range to work with.

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One thought on “Don’t go flat on me now..

  1. Mona

    I would definitely go for the kelavr tires. You can get them with a bead of kelavr along the tread surface. They won’t protect you from a sidewall puncture but they’ll save your bacon over all kinds of nasty sharp stuff. Its worth the extra few quid

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