Young Driver Program

Congratulations on recently obtaining your licence!

Driving a car gives you the freedom to go where you like, when you like.

However, getting your licence is only the first step to becoming a good, safe driver.

Some of you may use your vehicles to get to work, at work, to get to uni or just to tow your boat down the ramp to go fishing.

But what happens if something goes wrong?
What do you do if all of a sudden a car pulls out?
What do you do if your involved in a crash?

This online program will give you some extra knowledge to keep you, your friends and your family safe.

Module 1 Welcome - Young Driver Program
Unit 1 Welcome - Young Driver Program
Module 2 Human Factors - YDP
Unit 1 Why be a safe driver?
Unit 2 Bad Habits / Good Habits
Unit 3 Attitude and Behaviour
Unit 4 Fatigue Management
Unit 5 Alcohol and Drugs
Module 3 Crash Investigation - YDP
Unit 1 Common Crash Causes
Unit 2 Speed
Module 4 Preparation and Planning
Unit 1 Prestart YDP
Unit 2 Sit and Steer
Unit 3 Trip Planning YDP
Module 5 Defensive Driving YDP
Unit 1 Defensive Driving Techniques
Unit 2 Road Conditions - Wet / Dry
Unit 3 Gravel Driving
Module 6 Road Rules - YDP
Unit 1 Road Rules
Module 7 Vehicle Safety - YDP
Unit 1 ABS Systems
Unit 2 Stability Control (ESP/ESC/VSC/VDC)
Unit 3 Crumple Zones
Unit 4 SRS Airbags
Unit 5 Seat Belts
Module 8 Emergency!! - YDP
Unit 1 Emergency Braking - ABS / Non-ABS
Unit 2 Hazards - Animals / Wildlife
Unit 3 FIRE
Unit 4 What to do after a crash
Module 9 Up to you now.
Unit 1 Choices
Module 10 YDP Conclusion
Unit 1 YDP Conclusion