Corporate Driver Program (RTO Hard Copy Version)

Getting behind the wheel of a car is one of the most dangerous things we do.

Driving is recognised as one of the highest risk activities that employees undertake on a regular basis.

This program will provide you with some essential knowledge to help keep you safe on the road and forms the theory knowledge required to complete our written assessment.

Module 1 Welcome - Corporate Driving Program
Unit 1 Corporate Driving Program (RTO) - Welcome
Module 2 CDP - Human Factors
Unit 1 CDP Why be a safe driver?
Unit 2 CDP Driving Habits
Unit 3 CDP Driving Attitude
Unit 4 CDP Drugs and Alcohol
Module 3 CDP - Crash Investigation
Unit 1 CDP Crash Investigation
Unit 2 CDP Speed Factor
Module 4 CDP - Preparation and Planning
Unit 1 CDP Trip Planning
Unit 2 CDP Prestart
Unit 3 CDP Fatigue Management
Module 5 CDP - Defensive Driving
Unit 1 CDP Driving Position
Unit 2 CDP Defensive Driving Techniques
Unit 3 CDP Road Conditions
Unit 4 CDP Gravel Driving
Module 6 CDP - Road Rules
Unit 1 CDP Road Rules
Module 7 CDP - Vehicle Safety
Unit 1 CDP Electronic Driving Aids
Unit 2 CDP ABS System
Unit 3 CDP - Braking Techniques (ABS/Non-ABS)
Unit 4 CDP Seat belts
Unit 5 CDP Airbags
Unit 6 CDP Crumple Zones
Module 8 CDP - Emergency
Unit 1 CDP - Hazards - Animals/Wildlife
Unit 2 CDP - What to do after a crash
Unit 3 CDP - Vehicle Fire
Module 9 CDP - Up to you
Unit 1 CDP Choices
Module 10 CDP - Conclusion
Unit 1 CDP (RTO) Conclusion