Corporate Defensive (RTO ONLY)

Getting behind the wheel of a car is one of the most dangerous things we do.

Driving is recognised as one of the highest risk activities that employees undertake on a regular basis.

This program will provide you with some essential knowledge to help keep you safe on the road.

Module 1 Welcome - Corporate Driving Program
Unit 1 Corporate Driving Program - Welcome
Module 2 CDP Human Factors
Unit 1 CDP Why be a safe driver?
Unit 2 CDP Driving Habits
Unit 3 CDP Driving Attitude
Unit 4 CDP Drugs and Alcohol
Module 3 CDP - Crash Investigation
Unit 1 CDP Crash Investigation
Unit 2 CDP Speed Factor
Module 4 CDP - Preparation and Planning
Unit 1 CDP Trip Planning
Unit 2 CDP Prestart
Unit 3 CDP Fatigue Management
Module 5 CDP Defensive Driving
Unit 1 CDP Driving Position
Unit 2 CDP Defensive Driving Techniques
Unit 3 CDP Road Conditions
Unit 4 CDP Gravel Driving
Module 6 CDP - Road Rules
Unit 1 CDP Road Rules
Module 7 CDP - Vehicle Safety
Unit 1 CDP Electronic Driving Aids
Unit 2 CDP ABS System
Unit 3 CDP - Braking Techniques (ABS/Non-ABS)
Unit 4 CDP Seat belts
Unit 5 CDP Airbags
Unit 6 CDP Crumple Zones