Calder Park Raceway

Calder Park Raceway is a motor racing circuit in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The complex includes a dragstrip, a road circuit with several possible configurations, and the “Thunderdome”, a high-speed banked oval equipped to race either clockwise (for right-hand-drive cars) or counter-clockwise (for left-hand-drive cars such as NASCAR).

Calder Park Raceway was founded in the farming community of Diggers Rest and began as a dirt track carved into a paddock by a group of motoring enthusiasts who wanted somewhere to race their FJ Holdens back in the 1960’s.

In the early 70s Bob Jane purchased Calder Park and from there it became a Victorian motorsport icon with international events.

The Thunder dome at Calder Park Raceway was built at the cost of $54 million, and as Australia’s only 24 degree banked superspeedway was opened on August 3, 1987.

This motorsport facility allows us to provide the optimum driver training experience.  It is the ideal venue for drivers at all levels of competency and driving experience.

How to get there:

Calder Park Raceway is located at 377 Calder Fwy, Calder Park (Keilor) VIC 3037