Broken Hill 4WD Training

4WD Training

4WD Training NSW

Performance Driving Australia has spent the last few days delivering 4WD Training in Broken Hill – in outback NSW.

With plenty of red dirt, dry creek beds and dusty conditions – driving in outback conditions requires special attention to the conditions and appreciation of the limitations of 4WD vehicles that are used by many operators in this region.

The training was provided to a Government Department responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the road system extending to remote areas of NSW.

During 4WD training session – drivers completed a theory session, changed a wheel on a 4WD and then headed out to practice emergency braking on gravel roads.

4WD Recovery Training

4WD Training – Recovery

Next up was some 4WD training that covered the operation of different 4WD modes and recovery using both a snatch strap and winch.

The full day course entitled drivers to a nationally accredited certificate via our training partner Trisector (RTO).

For training anywhere in Australia – Performance Driving Australia can design and deliver programs to suit your vehicles and driving environment – from the snow to the desert we have you covered!

Gravel Road braking practice 4WD

Emergency Braking 4WD