Braking – When stopping makes you go quicker!

BRAKING – How and why and almost importantly – when!

We find that one of the biggest gains to be had with new track drivers is using the brakes effectively. Drivers who brake correctly obtain better lap times – because they are carrying speed for longer, transferring weight evenly and at the best possible time and are better positioned to use the power on the exit of a corner.

“But I use the gears to slow down” – Ouch!!!

We hear this often – that may work in a massive truck with gears as thick as your fist – but don’t ever try that in a road or race car.

The backlash and subsequent unsettling of the car is enough to turn you into a first time drfter at speed just before you either need a panel beater or mechanic or possibly both!


The first step is understanding how much brake force you need. Pick a spot on the track that you know you can definitely make the corner – maybe the 200 or 150m board – and then apply enough pressure to reach your corner entry speed.

If you feel that you have more pressure available before the wheels lock – reduce the marker distance.

You will eventually find a threshold point – that you will have lock up if you go too far past the point. What most people forget – is that getting this right means you are also under power longer – so your entry speed is higher – so its a never ending circle.

Braking later means you are going faster that means you need to brake sooner!

If that made any sense you are doing better then I am! The key here is go out there – and see if you can improve your braking – and watch your lap times improve.


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Happy driving!

Mark Butcher

Managing Director PDA/TSE