Australia Ignores Workers Killed in Road Crashes


Date – 16/5/19


Industries Australia wide spend millions of dollars on training with a large emphasis on safety. From first aid courses to working at heights and handling dangerous goods – however it is still road crashes that cause the highest number of deaths in Australian Workplaces.

Forty two percent (42%) of workplace fatalities in 2016 were a result of a motor vehicle crash.*

What is being done? That is the question.

A small percentage of large organisations and government departments have adopted driver training programs from a variety or providers. These programs provide basic knowledge and skills to assist drivers in staying safe and reducing risk taking behaviours.

As a provider of these programs, Performance Driving Australia believe these only provide a band-aid solution to preventing further road fatalities.

“On average – 3 Australians die every day on our road – and this fact is largely swept under the carpet. Our training programs have been well received by thousands of drivers, but we face the reality of ridiculous costs associated with delivery of these programs – which must be passed onto the end user. This limits the amount of time we can spend with drivers and the number of drivers who even get the opportunity to attend training” – said Mark Butcher, Managing Director of Performance Driving Australia.

With most driver training venues in Australia privately owned or owned by government – the one major cost in this training is venue hire.

“If the government was able to subsidise venue hire for the purposes of road safety training – we could reduce our costs and/or spend more time with each driver that attends our program. Commercially we are ham strung by the cost of training” said Mr Butcher.

Performance Driving Australia along with many other providers have no other choice but to pay the extreme venue hire rates and struggle to make a viable business providing a lifesaving skill.

“We have the trainers, programs, resources and years of loyal customers behind us – but we don’t have the support of the government” said Mr Butcher.

Performance Driving Australia urge the government to either subsidise nationally accredited road safety training programs and/or build purpose-built training facilities that can host this training at a more reasonable cost.

“For over 20 years I have done my best to help keep people safe on our roads and yet I feel like we are still failing. The majority of drivers on our roads receive no training at all after receiving their initial drivers licence” said Mr Butcher.

*Source – https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/statistics-and-research/statistics/fatalities/fatality-statistics

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About Mark Butcher

Mark Butcher is the managing director and found of Performance Driving Australia. With over 24 years’ experience in the road safety and driver training industry – Mark has worked Australia wide and overseas – designing and delivering programs to create safer drivers. Mark and his team of trainers are passionate about road safety and work closely with clients to create solutions and reduce the ever-present risk of road trauma.

About Performance Driving Australia

Performance Driving Australia is a national company that is operated from its base in Tasmania. Servicing clients in both Australia and Overseas – the company has a team of trainers operating at approved venues and on-site as required. Training covers defensive driving, four-wheel driver training and road safety presentations. Other services include event management, product launches, precision driving and security/executive protection driving.