Ah Hoy Sailors!

Ah Hoy Sailors!


It is almost crazy to have to put this up – but we have had massive down pours in Tasmania in the last 48 hours with severe flooding.

Ever year – lives are put at risk by drivers who seem to get confused between a car and a ‘boat’. Kids have been swept away, families destroyed and emergency services put at risk trying to save people stranded.

To help clear this up here are a few tips –

A car doesn’t float very well – but when it does the steering and brakes dont work.

A car doesn’t like water – A boat does You need a different licence to operate a boat (if your car is floating it is now a boat – and you may be operating it illegally).

A boat has life jackets, a flare kit and epirb. If you have these in your car it still doesn’t really make it a boat (unless perhaps your James Bond).

Boats don’t work well on the road – you never see someone trying to drive their boat down the road when it is dry!

So don’t be a goose – and DO NOT drive into water that is deep.

Deep is anything above about 20cm for most cars. Maybe a bit more for 4WD’s – but there is a point where you blur the line and a boat would be more suitable.

Stay safe – and keep that Pirate outfit for your adventures on the sea… Not for driving to the shops.

Don't drive in floodwaters

Don’t drive in floodwaters