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Advanced Driving Course Sydney

Why Your Team Should Complete an Advanced Driver Training Course and Where to Find a Driving Course in Sydney

If you are a fleet manager, you are aware of just how important safety is. In fact, it’s most likely your top priority when it comes to your drivers. You can ensure that your drivers have the advanced driver training in Sydney they need to make better decisions behind the wheel and thoroughly understand the rules of the road, as this is essential to your company’s overall success. Here are some of the noteworthy benefits of this type of training.


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It Saves Lives

This is the most critical advantage of advanced driving courses: they save lives. Thousands of people die and thousands more sustain injuries in work-related collisions each year. The fact is that most accidents are entirely preventable with the right training. The more people who take driver training courses, the more accidents and fatalities can be avoided year after year.

It Saves Money

If one of your drivers is involved in an accident on the job, your company will be responsible for the expenses, which could be significant. Vehicle collisions cost employers large amounts of money every year in medical and legal costs, insurance claims, liabilities, property damage, and even lost productivity. Your best defence is defensive driving. When you provide an advanced driving course for your Sydney drivers, you’ll lower your financial risk substantially.

Better Fuel Economy and Lower Maintenance Costs

Drivers who receive proper training can anticipate the actions of other drivers and position themselves more optimally in traffic to avoid unnecessary stopping and starting. This type of driving means less wear and tear on company-owned cars, vans, and trucks. Other points discussed in the course are also helpful, such as accurately inflating tyres, driving less aggressively, and observing speed limits.

Happier Employees

When you provide advanced driver training, you let your drivers know that you value their safety and appreciate the work they do. As they become better, more confident drivers, they’ll be more comfortable behind the wheel and less stressed overall. That means happier employees, higher job satisfaction, and lower turnover rates.

Find an Advanced Driving Course in Sydney at Performance Driving Australia

If you’re looking for an advanced driving program for your employees, Performance Driving Australia has what you need. Our instructors are experienced in working with fleets and familiar with the unique challenges commercial drivers face daily. We are confident that what we teach works to benefit drivers and their employers long-term. Our training is easy to understand and apply, based on straightforward concepts that our instructors relate effectively to a wide variety of drivers with varying personalities and learning styles. We know that your employees are your greatest asset and our goal is protecting them, other drivers, and your vehicles.

At Performance Driving Australia, we offer an Advanced Driving Program that helps drivers achieve the highest standards in a safe, supervised environment. We also have programs specially designed for security and high-risk training including convoy driving, evasive training, surveillance, and more. If you need advanced driving courses for your drivers, contact Performance Driving Australia for more information.