ABS Brakes – Can you stop yourself?

ABS – Anti lock braking systems – has been around for many years yet we have found that drivers who are attending Defensive Driver Training courses have little or no idea how the system works and how to get the most from it.

ABS warning lightABS is fitted to most cars – but not all. The only way to really know is by looking at your ABS light that appears on the dash when you first power up the vehicle. This light should come on as it does a system check and then go out. If there is no light – there is no ABS. If not sure check with your local mechanic.

ABS Indicator lightABS stops your cars tyres locking up and skidding. When a tyre skids – you lose directional stability as well as the braking forces are reduced. This is the cause of many crashes in non-abs vehicles – drivers lock up – skid and are unable to steer to avoid a crash.

With ABS fitted – you can apply the brakes as hard as possible and the vehicles system will regulate the pressure in what feels like a pulsing action. This keeps the wheel rotating – maximising the braking force and allowing the driver to retain steering control.

To feel the effect of ABS its best to attend a Performance Driving Australia Defensive Driver Training course. You will get expert coaching and be able to practice braking on wet road surfaces at a variety of speeds.

Being able to stop your vehicle quickly in an emergency is a life saving skill that EVERY driver should have. This is not taught to learner drivers – so you must take the time to educate yourself as it may just save your life and that of your family members.

For more information on courses visit www.performancedrivingaustralia.com or call us on 03 8680 2439.

A great video highlighting ABS systems can be found here – ABS Video

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Emergency braking skills can save your life. Learn how to use ABS in a safe, controlled environment with the team at Performance Driving Australia