4WD Training

4WD Training

Performance Driving Australia 4WD Training programs provide you with hands on experience in a range of environments.

Our training is held in real world environments or simulated training areas where you can learn how to safely operate your vehicle.

Performance Driving Australia can deliver programs anywhere in the world or at our approved Australian venues.

  • Do you or your team have to operate on gravel roads or off road?
  • What training have you had to safely negotiate terrain, hazards and obstacles?
  • Can you safely recover a bogged vehicle?

Programs can include nationally recognised units  including - (RTO Trisector #52169).

  • RIIVEH201D - Operate Light Vehicle
  • TLIB2004 - Carry out Vehicle Inspection
  • TLIC1051 - Operate Commercial Vehicle
  • TLIC3036 - Apply safe Car Driving Behaviours
  • TLIU3014 - Operate Vehicles in an Environmentally Sustainable Manner
  • RIIVEH305E - Operate and Maintain a Four Wheel Drive Vehicle
  • TLIC2025 - Operate Four Wheel Drive Vehicle
  • PMASUP236 - Operate Vehicles in the Field

Crashes on gravel roads and/or off road can be very costly, dangerous and potentially lead to serious injury or worse.

Professional, well designed training is the only solution to keep you and your drivers safe.

Performance Driving Australia also provide training for Side by Side off road vehicles and can assist with any off road equipment you may require.

As an employer who requires your team to operate off road - it is your responsibility to provide adequate training in the use of these vehicles and any supplied recovery equipment. Even experienced drivers can benefit from well structured training programs from PDA.

Nacap crew 4WD training with PDAOur team have delivered programs in every corner of Australia as well as overseas.

With experience in nearly all terrain from desert sand to snow - our team will provide your drivers with solid knowledge and skills to  operate a vehicle safely off road.

Performance Driving Australia have turn-key 4WD programs for mining, oil-gas, surveying, civil construction, environmental/science projects, maritime support and recreational activities.

Performance Driving Australia trainers are highly experienced, qualified and friendly and work with your drivers to maximise training effectiveness.

At the completion of the 4wd program, drivers should be able to safely negotiate a range of terrain as well as engage and operate the 4wd systems correctly.

Drivers will also be able to correctly identify and operate recovery equipment safely and effectively.

Performance Driving Australia 4WD Driver Training programs are available for small or large groups and are usually delivered over 1 or 2 days.

Performance Driving Australia 4WD Training programs take into consideration the driving experience of every driver. Drivers with prior experience can be assessed quickly while more time can be allocated to the drivers with little or no experience.

Mazda BT50 and PDAPerformance Driving Australia 4WD training programs include -

  • Trip Planning and Journey Management
  • Vehicle characteristics and limitations
  • Operation of various 4WD systems
  • Operating in a variety of terrain from low-range to challenging conditions
  • Safe vehicle recovery techniques
  • Operation with trailers (optional)

Professional, Effective, Safe - 4WD Training

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