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4WD Training Darwin

Keep Your Team Safe by Giving Them Professional 4WD Training in Darwin

If you’re in the mining, oil-gas, agriculture, or marine operations industry, then chances are good you need your employees to be able to drive around onsite on a regular basis. Four-wheel drive means driving on a more dangerous type of terrain, and it’s vital that your drivers should know how to handle themselves to avoid costly crashes and injuries. It’s your responsibility to make sure your people are safe when they drive off-road for work-related duties.


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Performance Driving Australia provides professional 4WD training in Darwin for your employees to be safe while navigating around onsite. We offer nationally recognised accredited or non-accredited 4WD training in Darwin and elsewhere for a wide variety of driving environments and vehicles. Our 4WD training in Darwin is delivered by experienced trainers who have experience driving in nearly all terrains, even snow.

When your employees have completed the program hey will be able to safely handle themselves and your company vehicles on a range of off-road terrain. They will know how to operate 4WD systems the correct way and keep themselves safe as they go.

We provide 4WD training in Darwin for mining, oil-gas, surveying, civil construction, environmental/science projects, maritime support and recreational activities. Your employees will know what they’re doing and feel confident in undertaking off-road work projects. Part of the course also teaches your employees how to properly plan for a trip before they leave, making sure they are prepared for what awaits them. They also learn about the vehicle’s characteristics and limitations, because it’s important to know how far you can push a company vehicle before you start damaging it.

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