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4WD Training Brisbane

Prepare Your Team for All Conditions with 4WD Training in Brisbane

Tough worksites make many demands on equipment and workers. For most of our clients, particularly in the mining, oil and gas industries, driving heavy trucks in off-road conditions is a daily necessity. Therefore, they turn to us repeatedly for regular 4WD training in Brisbane, as every new team member needs to undergo this training for proper safety.


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We spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that our team of driver trainers is fully-educated and licensed. This means that they can give your team specific and useful 4WD training in Brisbane. When your team’s safety and your equipment is in question, you want only the best-trained staff there to keep the site up and running without costly mistakes.

Performance Driving Australia Offers Flexible 4WD Training in Brisbane

Our team is certified and experienced in providing driver training across Australia. Let our friendly team work with you however matches your schedule and conditions best. We will customise a training program that takes place where you need it, incorporating real driving conditions for the most accurate and relevant preparation possible.

As an employer, you bear the responsibility to ensure that your team receives adequate training. Let us handle that for you by providing certified training that will protect your team and your assets. Our courses are available for small or large groups and generally occur over one or two days. Contact us to learn more and schedule a driver training for your team.