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4×4 Driver Training Sydney

Limit Worksite Liability—and Protect Your Equipment—by Requiring 4WD/4×4 Driver Training in Sydney

Whether you’re hiring new staff members as drivers or not, there is a good chance that many of your employees will end up ‘driving on the job’ at some point. This statement is especially true for companies in industries where worksite projects are common—such as mining, oil and gas, construction and more. These worksites are often in unpaved, uneven areas—often in gravelled locations or spots of rugged, rocky terrain. Navigating these sites safely in a 4WD vehicle is very different than everyday driving. Investing in 4WD training in Sydney for all your employees can ensure a safer work environment for everyone.


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How Performance Driving Australia Can Help You Provide 4×4 Training in Sydney

Making sure everyone on your worksite can operate a 4WD vehicle in a range of environments is a smart investment. That way, you aren’t relying on one or two drivers to handle every 4WD related task (and aren’t losing productivity if those workers are unavailable for any reason). Simply put, making sure everyone is on the same page concerning 4WD vehicles, their limitations and their handling will lead to increases in safety, work speed, productivity and overall morale.

At Performance Driving Australia, we offer 4WD driver training in Sydney. Our courses are designed to give your employees a quick but detailed guide to operating these vehicles on difficult terrain. We cover vehicle inspection, safe driving behaviours, vehicle characteristics and controls, vehicle limitations, trip planning, journey management, safe vehicle recovery and more. By including these items in both a classroom environment and during a practical driving segment, we can instil your workers with lessons they will use throughout your current project and on future projects as well.

With our training program, it is easy to set up a group driver training class for everyone on your project team. We even pay attention to experience levels, tailored individual training depending on how much each person has driven a 4WD vehicle in the past. It’s a good idea to have everyone go through this 4×4 training in Sydney, even people who have 4×4 experience. There could be gaps in their training or information they’ve forgotten over the years. A refresher course is valuable for everyone and can provide your business with some extra liability project. With that said, we do assess driver skill and experience levels as we go and will allocate more time to less experienced drivers. This way, the drivers with a base of knowledge get a refresher, but new 4×4 drivers still get the extra attention they need.

Call Performance Driving Australia Today to Schedule a 4WD Training Course for Your Team

If you require your team to operate vehicles in an off-road environment, it is your responsibility to make sure that each person has the training necessary to do so safely and smartly. At Performance Driving Australia, we make it easy for your business to provide adequate training, via our 4WD driver training in Sydney. Contact us today to arrange a course for your team.