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4WD Driver Training Brisbane

Protect Your Team with 4WD/4×4 Driver Training in Brisbane

The toughest jobs demand the greatest focus and best training when it comes to driving 4×4 vehicles in off-road or non-paved conditions. For governments, corporations, and industrial firms involved with mining, oil, and gas, working in those conditions is a daily affair. You have project managers to assemble the work proposal and organise the labour, but a successful project also relies on the capability of drivers of 4×4 trucks.


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For many Brisbane companies and municipal projects, turnover and training staff in new capacities is a constant need. 4WD driver training is something that we cannot overlook or omit when it comes to staff. With the potential dangers involved for your team and your materials, investing in proper 4WD driver training in Brisbane is essential.

Get 4×4 Driver Training in Brisbane from Performance Driving Australia

Our experienced team of drivers is fully certified, licensed, and insured to help train your team. There are several benefits to using us for your driver training program.

  • Variety of Programs – We provide 4WD corporate driver training programs, including on-road training and assessment, mine site training, security driver training, heavy vehicle training, and more.
  • Training and Experience – Our team members are held to rigorous standards to ensure that you receive the best possible training during 4×4 driver training in Brisbane. We are the preferred option for many important organisations across Australia, including heavy-duty industries and governmental firms.
  • Maximum Flexibility – We offer 4WD driver training courses across Australia, both at your location and in real-world situations so that your drivers receive authentic and relevant training. Online programs are also available, as well as instruction in safe and defensive driving. We will customise each program according to your needs and the experience of your drivers.

Trust Performance Driving Australia to Provide Your Team with Great Training

We have exceptionally high standards for our driver trainers. We screen each trainer for passion and dedication, and during their orientation and training, they are tested and educated with tremendous attention to detail. Our senior team has Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training alongside numerous other qualifications. These certificates confirm that we have the experience necessary to customise training courses for your drivers that will exceed your minimum safety needs.

When you work with Performance Driving Australia, your drivers will get to the next level in competency. They will be prepared for any situation that can arise on a job site through comprehensive training and hands-on experience with how to resolve problems and real-life hazards that could crop up. With 4×4 truck safety, it’s both driver safety and the 4×4 trucks at stake, so don’t take unnecessary risks.

We will work with you to develop a training program that satisfies your needs and matches your schedule. Contact us today to speak to an experienced team member who will help you determine how best we can help you. Well-designed and comprehensive training is the best solution to ensure that your drivers are safe, and your trucks stay in one piece.