Hands Free Safety

How safe is Hands Free?

For a long time now the use of Mobile Phones while driving has been banned. More recently it has been shown that even handsfree/blue tooth devices are still a considerable factor in road crash statistics.

It has been estimated that at any moment – 9% of drivers are talking on cell phones.

In the last 12 months many of our larger clients have adopted a simple “no phone” rule in company vehicles. That is no phone calls are to be taken by the driver via hands free, bluetooth or any other means while the vehicle is being operated.

Interesting to note – that when we have discussed this with groups we have found two responses – Those who still use a hands free are reluctant to give them up however those who have had the new rule introduced seemed to have accepted the rule was in the interest of creating a safer environment.

Research has indicated that even a hands free system is a distraction that can increase your chance of having a crash by up to four times.

At Performance Driving Australia our focus is on creating the safest possible environment for all drivers – and so we ask you to think about the next time you answer the phone – is it worth the risk?