2014 Oil-Gas Industry Driver Training Programs

Performance Driving Australia (PDA) has prepared a range of oil and gas industry driver training programs.

A recent consultation with a leader in the industry identified that many of the current driver training providers are not providing drivers with adequate skills and knowledge or experience to operate the four wheel drive vehicles on or off road.

PDA have designed a new range of programs that deliver clear outcomes – and are flexible to cater for all experience levels – from people who are new to the oil and gas industry up to and including experienced operators and supervisors.

PDA also align with existing client policy and procedures and incorporate these into the training. This is further assisted by aligning with APIA guidelines for light vehicle operations.

With an experienced team of trainers, quality programs that can be delivered anywhere in the world and continual consultation with clients – Performance Driving Australia is the leading choice for your driver training requirements if you operate in the oil and gas industry.

Mine site driver training with Performance Driving Australia