Track Days

Performance Driving Australia Track Days – Safe and Fun way to enjoy your car with other car enthusiasts

NO CAMS Licence required – Just you, your drivers licence and a registered car. Unregistered cars can participate but on an invitation only basis (must meet standard safety requirements).

Track days can be held at any facility in Australia for a group booking however currently we only offer public bookings at our Tasmanian facilities at Symmons Plains Raceway or Baskerville Raceway.

Entry is $199 per driver or you can book 2 drivers (in the same or different cars) for $299.

PDA Also have a Ford Fiesta Race car available for hire.

5 Laps $99 – 10 Laps $169

To book a track day / drive – click here

New drivers must complete observed laps with a PDA instructor before being allowed on the track alone.

Passengers are allowed to ride in cars in the PM session however this is subject to PDA’s conditions on the day.  A Fee of $15 per passenger applies. Only one passenger in a vehicle at all times.

Helmets are required by all drivers and passengers.

With a focus on safety – Some basic rules apply –

  • NO Passing in/before corners
  • ALL Passing moves are to be acknowledged by both drivers before proceeding
  • NO Official timing allowed
  • NO Drifting or sliding (Track Rules)

Drivers must demonstrate safe driving at all times or a warning will be issued. 2nd warning or dangerous driving will result in a cancellation of track access on the day – or in some cases longer.

Drivers are reminded that when leaving the facility – your driving is on display to the general public. Any driver who drivers dangerously will be reported to the Police as this behavior will not be tolerated.

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