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Road Safety – Not so much about the actual road!

Safer Roads DON’T Save Lives A recent meeting attended by Performance Driving Australia, Managing Director Mark Butcher highlighted the common belief that ‘dangerous’ roads are the leading cause of serious crashes in Australia. The meeting was held as part of Tasmania’s road safety task force – Towards Zero program (www.towardszero.tas.gov.au)....

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Advanced Driver Training – Safe / Fun / Educational

Ever wanted to give your car a ‘squirt’? The temptation to give your new high performance car a bit of extra right foot can be detrimental to your wallet, licence and ultimately your safety. Never fear – Performance Driving Australia has the solution! Advanced Driver Training – Baskerville Raceway, Tasmania....

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Welcome to the Performance Driving Australia blog page. We will bring you the latest info on our driver training programs, motorsport activities and general news from around the world. If you have any questions or would like information on any topics to do with driving please feel free to get...

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