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Driving In Flood Waters

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Advanced Driver Training – Safe / Fun / Educational

Advanced Driver Evo 9 Advanced Driver Training Yellow Evo 9 PDA Advanced Track Day Learner driver at Advanced Driving Day GT86 Performance Driving Australia Lancer Baskerville RacewayEver wanted to give your car a ‘squirt’?

The temptation to give your new high performance car a bit of extra right foot can be detrimental to your wallet, licence and ultimately your safety.

Never fear – Performance Driving Australia has the solution!

Advanced Driver Training – Baskerville Raceway, Tasmania.

With a growing demand for advanced driving training days, Performance Driving Australia have just held another program at Baskerville Raceway near Hobart in Tasmania this weekend and are planning additional dates now.

The most recent day was a huge success with nearly 20 new drivers attending the full day program that included a range of driving exercises to practice braking, cornering and general car handling.

Drivers were then provided with 1:1 in car tuition for a few laps before being allowed to use the full track in the afternoon.

Drivers who have attended an advanced driving morning session before were able to just attend the afternoon session at a reduced cost.

With a total of 25 drivers attending the Advanced Driving day, the Performance Driving Australia crew were kept busy and all drivers had a great day with plenty of track time.

The track was wet all day – providing an extra challenge but all drivers drove well with no one ending up in the kitty litter.

For the first time, Performance Driving Australia also engaged the services of St Johns Ambulance who attended with an ambulance and crew providing an extra level of safety.

“These days are growing in popularity as they provide a unique chance to drive on the track with training from our experienced crew. There is no safer place to test your car and skills and we are always pleased to see the improvement in drivers abilities after each program. We committed to running more of these in Tasmania and hope to expand into the other states in the future”.

Performance Driving Australia will soon be launching a Performance Drivers Club with special offers for our advanced days and more. Stay tuned by following us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/performancedrivingaustralia or contact us at info@performancedrivingaustralia.com.


Defensive and 4WD Driver Training Dates

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Advanced Driver Training – Adelaide

Do you drive long distances on country roads for work?

Can you stop your car safely from 110km/h?

What happens when you enter a corner going too fast?

Do you live in Adelaide, South Australia?

Performance Driving Australia (www.performancedrivingaustralia.com) is hosting an Advanced Driver Training day at Tailem Bend Motorsport park on the outskirts of Adelaide in September, 2014.

The Performance Driving Australia advanced driving course will cover a range of practical driving exercises to help you stay safe on the road.

Emergency braking and hazard avoidance at a variety of speeds will be the focus in the morning session before heading out after lunch to learn about cornering, skid prevention and advanced car control techniques.

At the end of the day you will understand your car and your own driving abilities and be able to handle a variety of situations safely.

The facility at Tailem Bend is approximately one hour from Adelaide and has been purpose built for driver training and vehicle testing.

It was previously owned by and operated as a testing and proving ground by a vehicle manufacturer.

All Performance Driving Australia trainers are friendly and highly experienced and the day is valuable for experienced drivers or drivers who are looking at gaining more skills behind the wheel.

The course is available in all states of Australia for group bookings – however we are able to take individual bookings at this course on September 26.

The course fee is $275+GST per driver. Drivers must have at least a improvisational licence to attend. To make a booking or for moreĀ info call 08 6144 4804 or email info@performancedrivingaustralia.com cropped-Symmons-Plains-Advanced-Course1.jpg

Vehicle Recovery – What to do if you get bogged

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4WD – Petrol Versus Diesel

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Part time 4WD and Full time 4WD

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Driver Fatigue

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Brisbane Driver Training

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