Security / VIP Transport

High Risk / Security / VIP Driving

Performance Driving Australia Driver Training - SydneyPerformance Driving Australia’s high-risk driving programs give you the edge when operating in high risk / potential threat or dangerous environments.

For security reasons we are unable to provide a specific list of our clients – but we can tell you that we have trained drivers working in –

  • Defence Industry (Govt)
  • Tobacco Industry (Asia)
  • Oil and Gas Industry (Middle East)
  • VIP Driving (Canberra, Australia)

Training programs are specifically designed to meet with your requirements.

Training can include but is not limited to –

  • Surveillance and anti-surveillance driving
  • High speed evasive driving
  • Precision low speed maneuvering
  • VIP Transport and security

 High-risk / VIP security driving program (sample program)

• Vehicle preparation
• Cockpit Drills / Procedures
• Identification of security threats / risks and appropriate responses
• Route planning, Alternatives and Safe Havens
• Crash management
• Review of existing driving standard
• Defensive Driving Techniques
• Vehicle Positioning / Protective Driving
• Identifying Surveillance Vehicles and evasive action
• Extreme scenarios and responses

  • Duration – 1-3 Days
  • Group Size – 1 – 6 Drivers

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