RTO/USI – Info

Nationally Recognised Training – Giving your drivers the qualifications to go places.

Performance Driving Australia offer Nationally Recognised Training via our partnership arrangement with Registered Training Organisation – Billabong Training Services.

To receive a qualification from Performance Driving Australia – all participants are required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

This USI will be reported to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) and entered in the national data collection.

To register now for a USI – Please visit – http://www.usi.gov.au/create-your-USI/Pages/default.aspx

In addition to this – All participants must agree to the following agreement prior to attending training. You will be required to sign this agreement on arrival at your driver training course.


You are about to complete a driver training program with Performance Driving Australia.

Our objective is to help you become safer and more knowledgeable behind the wheel of your vehicle.

The following information and assessment are essential to achieving this objective and we look forward to working with you today.

Performance Driving Australia is partnered with Billabong Training Services to provide nationally recognised training.

As a NVR Registered Training Organisation we believe in providing quality training to all students.

By undertaking this training with Performance Driving Australia you agree to the following:

I agree:

• To arrive on time for all sessions and be ready to start at the appropriate time

• To contact my assigned Performance Driving Australia Trainer/Assessor if I am going to be late, absent or sick

• To wear appropriate clothing at all times

• I will switch off my mobile phone during all training sessions

• I will not smoke in the training rooms or common areas. (smoking is allowed in the designated outdoor smoking areas)

• I will observe and abide by all Workplace Health & Safety guidelines

• I confirm the accuracy of the information provided above and agree to abide by Billabong Training Services rules and regulations

• I consent to my personal information being made available to third party organisations including, Queensland Government departments and Statutory Authorities as required by law

• I give permission to Billabong Training Services, to create and/or verify my Unique Student Identifier.

• I agree that any photographs, testimonials etc, taken or provided as a participant may be used for marketing or promotional purposes. I understand that should I not wish for this to occur, I must notify the Trainer.

• This is an agreement between the NVR R.T.O (Billabong) and myself that if deemed competent upon completion of the chosen Competency I will receive a nationally recognised qualification

If you have any questions regarding this agreement or any part of the registration process please contact [email protected] or call 1300 84 911 4