Defensive Driver Training

Over 1200 lives are lost on our roads every year in Australia

Performance Driving Australia Defensive Driving Courses deliver real outcomes for drivers who want to become safer.

Work related driving is a major risk for employers and effective training that delivers real skills and knowledge is the key to reducing incidents and crashes.

PDA training at Baskerville Raceway TASPerformance Driving Australia defensive driving programs are designed to keep you, your family and work mates safe.

Programs are delivered at safe venues, Australia wide, by experienced, qualified and friendly trainers.

Our team are passionate about driving and road safety with a variety of driving experience that includes motorsport, law enforcement and work in the mining and safety industries.

Our programs deliver real, tangible outcomes that create safer, more knowledgeable drivers.

Defensive Driving programs are for all drivers. If you are on the road for work, a young driver just starting out or an experienced driver – everyone benefits from defensive driving.

The Performance Driving Australia – Defensive Driving program will provide you with extensive knowledge in a friendly classroom environment followed by practical training in handling an emergency stop and hazard avoidance, all in a safe and controlled environment.

Performance Driving Australia Defensive Driving Courses help fulfill employers requirements outlined in WHS regulations for companies who have employees on the road.

Attending a Performance Driving Australia – Defensive Driver Training Course will help you avoid a crash – and could save your life!

Mutlimedia presentations that are interesting - We promise!Our multimedia presentation stimulates group discussions and provides drivers with an opportunity to fully understand and appreciate the many aspects of safe driving.

The presentation is fast moving, features real life scenarios and has been developed over many years to be effective and interesting.

An alternative is now available to attending the classroom session with a version available online that can be completed prior to the training day.

Some of the key topics covered in the Performance Driving Australia defensive driving program include  –

  • Trip planning and management
  • Human Factors – Fatigue management / Risk taking behaviors
  • Vehicle safety systems
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Advanced driving techniques
  • Crash analysis
  • What to do in an emergency
  • Understanding ABS and Vehicle Stability systems
  • Correct vehicle control techniques
  • Correct driving position and steering techniques
  • Managing a vehicle in an emergency situation
  • Understanding the effect of speed and how to avoid crashes

Defensive driver training courses are available Australia wide at our approved venues or on-site. They can be catered specifically for normal city driving, country driving or gravel roads.

Suitable for drivers of all experience levels and all vehicle types training is delivered in the vehicle you drive everyday. Simulators and skid-cars are not representative of real life situations and are not used on any courses.

Performance Driving Australia can include additional content or modify programs to suit your specific requirements, driving environment or existing policy and procedures.

If your drivers operate on gravel roads – check out our Gravel Driving Course.

Boat trailer towing in Coffs Harbour with RMS NSWTrailer Towing Course

Performance Driving Australia deliver trailer towing programs for organisations who tow equipment or machinery behind company vehicles.

Towing a trailer can be dangerous and effective training and practice can reduce the risks associated with operating a vehicle with a trailer.

Trailer towing courses are available Australia wide.

Courses include everything from start to finish including reversing and emergency braking.

If your organisation operates trailers contact us.

Volvo's have some of the latest technology - PDA can assist you in learning how these systems work.On-Road Training / Coaching / Assessments

Making sure your drivers are operating safely is a priority for any organisation large or small.

If you operate a fleet of vehicles and would like to encourage safe driving – Performance Driving Australia can come to your workplace and deliver a road safety presentation followed by on road training/coaching or assessment session.

On road sessions are usually done on a 1:1 basis and provide valuable feedback on each driver’s performance. This is a great alternative to a full day program and can assist all drivers in becoming safer.

This is also suitable for Buses and Trucks.

Contact us for more information on this service.

Nationally Recognised Driver Training

PDA are partnered with Billabong Training Services (RTO #32128) to provide nationally recognised statements of attainment for selected units. If your organisation requires any of the following units please contact us.

  • RIIVEH201D – Operate Light Vehicle
  • RIIVEH305E – Operate and maintain a four wheel drive vehicle
  • PMASUP236B – Operate vehicles in the field

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